Celia’s Way©

Celia’s Way© is a children’s mental health program derived from the award winning children’s book, “Celia and the Little Boy”.

The story for of Celia and the Little Boy tackles the challenges two children face when they become trapped together in the darkness of depression and what it takes for them to find their way out.

Celia’s Way© introduces a holistic view of children’s mental health. The program provides insight into challenges children with mental illness face and how it affects others.

Celia’s Way© invites participants to generate fresh ideas and new conversations that can be used in homes, classrooms and our communities. Attendees will feel empowered to support those affected by mental illness in children and will be equipped to make a positive impact in their lives.



Additional Programs


Author Reading and Discussion

A book reading and open discussion with educators, parents and/or the greater community, focused on learning how to talk with young children about mental health.


What Do I Say When Do I Say It?

Learn more about the HOW and WHEN of beginning conversations with children about mental health. Program includes discussion about methods for speaking with children and invites attendee participation.

To learn more and schedule one of these programs, please contact Irene at irene@irenebuchine.com