Celia’s Way©

Celia’s Way© is a teaching method derived from the story of “Celia and the Little Boy”. This program assists all who care for and about children to better understand the effects of youth struggles with mental illness, as well as demonstrate how to best talk with children themselves about the subject of mental health. Designed for Educators, Parents, Child Care Workers, College Students, etc.


What Do I Say When Do I Say It?

One of the most daunting and seldom discussed challenges adults face when wanting to “talk with children about mental health” is fundamentally, HOW and WHEN is the time right to begin! With the help of “Celia and the Little Boy” author, Irene Buchine, and John BroderickSenior Director of Public Affairs for Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospitalshare their personal methods, speaking with children and invite attendees to participate in this discussion. 

Author Reading and Conversation

A book reading and open discussion with parents and the greater community, focused on learning how to talk with young children about mental health.

If you are interested in learning more about these programs, please contact: irene@irenebuchine.com